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In the fluid flow model, small turbulent flow appears in the transition area connecting the LCA with its branches as shown in Figures 7(b) and 7(c).
If the result of a single field back analysis is directly applied to the coupled stress and fluid flow model, then large errors may be generated.
The Figure 6 spatial correspondence of temperature and porosity maxima implies a simple fluid flow model in which the ambient crustal volume of empirical poroperm properties fixed by Figures 2-3 data hosts a series of fluid flow horizons with poroperm properties consistent with observed weight and location of well-log porosity spikes.
Bean et al [1] proposed fluid flow model for maintenance of power generation systems.
For example, when flow-induced vibration occurs, typically two-way coupling is required when the structural displacements are of the same order of magnitude as the smallest scale of interest in the fluid flow model. In this case, solving the fluid flow in the deformed configuration requires the movement and recalculation of the computational mesh.
Non-stationary quasi-linear one-dimensional fluid flow models are widely applied (Bogdevicius 1999, 2000).
The aim of the study is to implement different fluid flow models in order to conclude regarding the accuracy of the model, boundary conditions and implementation know how, flexibility and limitations of the original software to be created.
Subsequent chapters explore the equilibrium M/M/1/infinity queue, Markovian queues, the M/G/1 system, discrete time queues, and fluid flow models and their effects on queues.
Moreover, says Algor, its fluid flow-analysis software now includes improved convergence controls that make fluid flow models easy to set up and faster to analyze.
The use of lattice gas techniques for evaluating fluid flow models were considered 10 to 20 yr ago, but developers ran into substantial problems, such as an inability to eliminate artifacts, and an inability to provide a smooth continuum with discrete steps.
We have observed that the symmetry methods used to solve different non-Newtonian fluid flow models are useful for a wide range of nonlinear problems in fluids given the paucity of known exact solutions especially in non-Newtonian fluids.
The foundry's initial fluid flow models determined that some of the accepted flow behavior assumptions in gating system design may be incorrect.