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FBRFortnite Battle Royale (gaming)
FBRFueled by Ramen (record label)
FBRFederal Board of Revenue (Pakistan)
FBRFast Breeder Reactor
FBRFinkel-Biskis-Reilly (virus)
FBRFederal Benefit Rate
FBRFranchise Business Review (market research; Portsmouth, NH)
FBRFrequency Based Replacement
FBRFlashback Express Recorder
FBRFriedman, Billings, Ramsey Group, Inc. (investment firm)
FBRFollow Back Resistance
FBRFoundation for Biomedical Research
FBRFluidized Bed Reactor
FBRFoundation for Blood Research
FBRFederal Bureau of Reclamation
FBRFull Blown Rose (rock band)
FBRFolkbildningsrådet (Sweden)
FBRFeedback Report
FBRFixed Bed Reactor
FBRFaster Block Rate (gaming, Diablo 2)
FBRFermeture Bâtiment du Roussillon (French building company)
FBRFront to Back Ratio
FBRForeign Body Removal
FBRFaçonnage Brochage Rennais (French building firm)
FBRFaites de Beaux Rêves (French: Sweet Dreams)
FBRFrequency-Based Replacement
FBRFinite Basis Representation
FBRFranko Bullet Rotator (fishing lure)
FBRFlorida Boxer Rescue
FBRFlowing Black Robe (Everquest game item)
FBRFreeboard Ratio
FBRFireball Radius
FBRFoundation for Biblical Research
FBRFire and Burglary-Resistant (safes)
FBRFachvereinigung Betriebsund Regenwassernutzung
FBRFabric-Based Replication (storage technique)
FBRFinancial Budget Review
FBRFouled Beyond Repair (polite form)
FBRForward-Backward Ratio (antenna directivity)
FBRFormula Based Regulation
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Overview of combustion and gasification of rice husk in fluidized bed reactors. Biomass Bioenergy, 14(5-6): 533-46.
Hirata, Characterization of Nitrifying Granules Produced in an Aerobic Upflow Fluidized Bed Reactor, Water Res., 37, 4965 (2003).
where [[alpha].sub.k.sh.] is the heat transfer coefficient of the fluidized bed reactor with horizontal pipes, W/([m.sup.2] x K); [[lambda].sub.p.c] is the thermal conductivity of coke combustion products, W/(m x K); [[rho].sub.p] is the density of solids, kg/[m.sup.3]; [d.sub.p,k.sl.] is the size of particles in a fluidized bed, m.
He describes a type of fluidized bed reactor that is based on developing a biofilm on particles that support bacterial growth, which allows the biomass to remain within the reactor and therefore to operate at short hydraulic retention time.
The literature survey reveals that treatment of phenolic wastewater in anaerobic immobilized fluidized bed reactor (AIFBR) is rarely carried out.
However, there are few similar studies in phenol wastewater catalytic degradation in a fluidized bed reactor involving contribution of intermediate products.
Pyrolysis carried at 460 520 and 540 oC at ambient conditions of pressure in a bench scale fluidized bed reactor resulted in producing bio- oil charcoal and non-condensable gases.
Ostara's solution is a system whereby struvite is created under controlled conditions by adding magnesium chloride in a cone-shaped, fluidized bed reactor. The unique shape allows for different flow regimes in different parts of the reactor, so that instead of deposits, struvite is formed as pellets that can be separated and sold as a slow-release fertilizer.
CoMoCat allows single-wall nanotubes to be selectively grown in a fluidized bed reactor supported by a catalyst, the same process used to make commoditized materials like polyethyls.
All of REC's development projects are on track, at the same time as the company reported higher-than-expected fluidized bed reactor (FBR) production and product quality in REC Silicon.