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FMZFlumazenil (drug)
FMZFuel Maximizer (vehicles)
FMZFuel Modification Zone (fire protection)
FMZForest Management Zoning (forest sustainability; Australia)
FMZFlying Mission Zambia (religious mission)
FMZFisheries Management Zone
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Reversal of chloral hydrate overdose with flumazenil. BMJ 1989 May;298(6682):12-53.
Furthermore, the anticonvulsant effects of rutin can be reversed by flumazenil. It has been assumed that rutin has anticonvulsant effects in the brain, possibly through positive allosteric modulation of the [GABA.sub.A] receptor complex.
The antagonist is Flumazenil (Anexate), which can neutralize the effect of benzodiazepine.
The CT scan was performed with the bird under midazolam (2 mg/kg IM) and butorphanol (2 mg/ kg IM) sedation and reversed with flumazenil (0.05 mg/kg IM).
The effects of benzodiazepines are antagonized using flumazenil. Since the plasma half-life of naloxone and flumazenil is short, it can be repeated as required.
* Triggers M8 (flumazenil) and M9 (naloxone) do not present great applicability as triggers at EDs.
Over sedation due to midazolam was treated by intravenous 0.2 mg of flumazenil.
It is mostly preferred for minor interventional procedures because it has a short half-life and an antidote (flumazenil).
UTS tests in ED may result in a decrease of the undesirable use of naloxone or flumazenil as diagnostic antidotes for opiates and benzodiazepines (2).
(12,15,20) If ECT is initiated after a benzodiazepine trial, the benzodiazepine antagonist flumazenil is administered first to reverse the anticonvulsant effect.
After the examination, 0.2 mg of flumazenil was injected intravenously; however, the patient remained drowsy.