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FTOFederation of Tour Operators (UK)
FTOField Training Officer (law enforcement)
FTOFair Trade Organic (product designation)
FTOForeign Terrorist Organizations
FTOFresh Touring Origination
FTOFinish to Order
FTOFreedom to Operate
FTOFlight Training Organization (aviation)
FTOFilm and Television Office (Australia)
FTOfat mass and obesity-associated (gene)
FTOFluorine-doped Tin Oxide
FTOFederal Tax Ombudsman (Pakistan)
FTOFlameless Thermal Oxidizer
FTOFlexible Time Off
FTOFunctional Test Objective
FTOFailure to Obey (law enforcement)
FTOFresh Touring Origination (Mitsubishi coupe car)
FTOFirst Time Offender
FTOFinal Takeoff
FTOFreezer to Oven (dough products)
FTOFlight Training Officer (US Air Force ROTC)
FTOFuel Trip Optimizer (trains)
FTOFunky Town Osaka (song title)
FTOForeign Training Officer
FTOFull-Time Occlusion (ophthalmology)
FTOFluorinated Tin Oxide
FTOFoundation for Transparency in Offshoring (Chantilly, VA)
FTOFlight Test Objective
FTOFine Troy Ounce
FTOFigure The Odds
FTOField Ticket Office
FTOFight the Octopus
FTOFaery Tale Online (game)
FTOFinal Technical Order
FTOFull Time Off (leave day)
FTOFlex Targeting Officer (Air Operations Center position)
FTOFraction of Transportation Power Supplied by Oil (Carolina Environmental Program)
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To prepare the Ti[O.sub.2] based photoanode, fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) glass was cut into 25 x 25 ([mm.sup.2]) square pieces.
The photoanode structure was FTO/Ti[O.sub.2]/QDs; mesoporous Ti[O.sub.2] films were prepared by screen-printing of Ti[O.sub.2] paste (the size of Ti[O.sub.2] particle is about 20 nm) on clear fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) substrates, followed by sintering at 450[degrees] C for 30min.
ZnO films were deposited on two fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) glass plates by the microwave plasma technique.
A typical DSSC consists of dye molecules that act as sensitizers, a porous Ti[O.sub.2] layer, a fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) substrate, an electrolyte charge carrier, and a platinized FTO substrate as a so-called counter electrode or cathode.
The Ti[O.sub.2] nanoparticles are uniformly coated on the surface of the FTO (fluorine-doped tin oxide) by screen printing method and then annealed at 450[degrees]C for 30 min.
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To eliminate or alleviate the chemical reduction of the TCO surface, other group has replaced indium tin oxide (ITO) or fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) with a layer of textured aluminum-doped zinc oxide (AZO), which is more resistant to plasma damage [13, 14].