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FKMFirat Kültür Merkezi (Turkish: Firat Cultural Center)
FKMFakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat (Indonesian: Faculty of Public Health; various universities; Indonesia)
FKMFront Kedaulatan Maluku (Indonesian: Maluku Sovereignty Front)
FKMFogarty Klein Monroe (Houston, Texas)
FKMFakulti Kejuruteraan Mekanikal (Malay: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)
FKMField Kitchen, Modular
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According to the company, the new higher price list covers a full line of Teflon PTFE and Melts, Viton FKM Fluoroelastomer products, Nafion Membranes and Dispersions, Krytox lubricants, Capstone repellents and surfactants and Teflon coatings.
Due to its resistance to acids, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, fuels and ozone, 100% fluoroelastomer material is often specified in many general service industrial applications.
The establishment of this new production facility combined with the Yodogawa Plant in Japan and the Lyon Factory in France will form a global three-base production system for the Daikin fluoroelastomer manufacturing system and increase production capacity to approximately 60% over current capacity.
Z-Series products are based on a rheology-modified fluoroelastomer plus an interfacial agent.
Fluoroelastomers handbook; the definitive user's guide and databook.
Effective 1 January 2018 or as contracts and law allow, the company reported a rise in global price of up to 10% for its Tefzel ETFE fluoropolymer products as well as Viton FKM fluoroelastomer products.
The first grade available, SEF 9050HS, can be used for both injection and compression moulding to produce O-rings and gaskets with sealing behaviour which Solvay says largely exceeds the limits of standard fluoroelastomer copolymers.
Food & Drug Administration)-compliant types of Viton fluoroelastomers (FKM) that provide sealing capability up to 200[degrees]C in continuous service for critical pharmaceutical, food, and beverage-process applications.
Fluoroelastomers have two main cure profiles: bisphenol cure and peroxide cure.
Eagle Elastomer delivers the highest quality fluoroelastomer products and offers the best customer service and technical support in the elastomer industry.
Both Viton Freeflow Z-100 and Z-200 are based on a new rheology-modified fluoroelastomer plus an interfacial agent to improve its delivery to the die.
PLV2020 enables the quick application of a thin, chemically resistant, rubbery coating of Viton fluoroelastomer, according to the company.