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BB: Many famous musicians who teach only want to work with advanced students or teach just by example hoping students will learn through osmosis, but you and Jeanne have made teaching a major focus of your career for some time now working with the youngest students through your Flutewise Events and magazine to your high-level master classes.
An overlong second half saw the angelic voices of the City of Birmingham Youth Chorus with their crisp articulation and bright tone bringing a seasonal lump to the throat at times, and the Flutewise flute choir, although visually very striking (how often does one see 50 flutes gathered in one place?), made one regret the missed opportunity to give them anything very interesting to play.
We run this outfit called Flutewise which was set up to help flute players, especially kids.
As the president of an educational charity called Flutewise, he gives classes and concerts for underprivileged young people, often at the Barbican Centre in London.
On the tour he will be promoting his new CD, Music For My Little Friends, which grew out of his work for Flutewise, a charity which encourages flute playing among children.
Cameras kept a-popping (mercifully only pre-concert) as proud parents snapped their offspring sitting patiently on the orchestra risers, the 90-odd youngsters lucky enough to have been selected to play in the Flutewise Choir alongside flautist daddy of them all, Sir James Galway.
Lady Galway is renowned for her dedication to the development of young flutists and is vice president of Flutewise, an educational organization for young flute players.
He has also put his love for music back into the community, spearheading a music scheme for underprivileged young people, called Flutewise.