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A brown spotted lady-bug climbed the dizzy height of a grass blade, and Tom bent down close to it and said, "Lady-bug, lady-bug, fly away home, your house is on fire, your children's alone," and she took wing and went off to see about it -- which did not surprise the boy, for he knew of old that this insect was credulous about conflagrations, and he had practised upon its simplicity more than once.
Containing two novellas, Walking East and Fly Away Home, the book hinges on character decisions.
Fly Away Home (1996, PG) Alden, 13, hatches some baby geese, and she must teach them to migrate as they grow older.
Schad responded: ''Well, after 34 years, I'm free to fly away home.
Where appropriate there are large white, open spaces for bees to swarm and ladybirds to fly away home.
Not far away in southern Oregon, Bethroot Gwynn lives at Fly Away Home, a women's land she founded in 1976.
Don't mention: The awkwardness in having to film a sex scene with Anna Paquin in The Squid and the Whale, when just years earlier she'd played his daughter in Fly Away Home.
Let's start with one part family drama, one part romance: In Fly Away Home (Atria, July), chick-lit stalwart Jennifer Weiner introduces a wronged political wife, a la Silda Spitzer or Jenny Sanford, whose highly publicized foibles lead her to new self-confidence and healthier relationships with her grown daughters.
Her subsequent films included Jane Eyre (1996), the family film Fly Away Home (1996), The Member of the Wedding (1997) and Steven Spielberg's Amistad (1997), in which she had a bit part as Queen Isabella of Spain.
Anna Paquin helps geese Fly Away Home Five, today, 3.
Eve Bunting, author of more than 200 children's books, including The Wall and Fly Away Home, reminds us that it is better to get to know people and not base our judgments on appearances.