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The right way to fly this kind of a situation is to fly runway heading to 1700, per the SID and then make your right turn to 100 and continue to 3000 while looking for the Allegheny R-073.
In regards to the "Don't Fly Runway Heading" Readback in the same issue, I thought I would share personal experiences.
While I won't argue with Dog Brenneman's alphabet soup of technical information in "Fly Runway Heading" (May 2007 IFR), I can tell you with certainty that acting on his notion that "a controller doesn't know or even care" if a pilot is correcting for drift is a good way to get slapped by the heavy hand of the FSDO folks.
In this scenario, the controller might clear the 172 for takeoff with the instruction, "Fly runway heading."
So what is a pilot to do when instructed to "fly runway heading" from a runway with low close obstacles published?
Thus, you should never see a properly formulated Air Force SID with "fly runway heading." If the SID requires a track, and the radar departure uses the same ICA, then that radar departure has the runway centerline extended as the centerline of the allotted airspace.
This includes cases such as "fly runway heading" or "turn right heading 270" or "turn 10 degrees left." The radar vector ends when the pilot no longer needs to follow the assigned heading to navigate along the remainder of the ATC-assigned route.