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McGuire's injury may have paved the way for Wise to return to duty, but it is not what helped her regain her flying status.
of course, the termination of flying status is an adverse action.
The retired professor says a man claiming to be from the US National Security Agency threatened him with losing his flying status if he told anyone what happened.
This enables them to remain on flying status. We also provide food inspections here."
The super-large and seamless map completely clears up regional limitations, flying status' makes the 3D war in real sense possible, while the function that large factions can build cities by themselves allows players to have fun while creating a whole new world.
The Robins are well placed in third spot, but the next few weeks will determine whether they can maintain their high flying status.
About 400 times each year, because of operational tempo, deployments, or part shortages, users request a service life extension of installed CAD/PAD to keep an aircraft in flying status. Previously, mechanics had to visit the logs and records shop to transcribe key information on the subject CAD/PAD and retype the information in a naval message, adding only the length of extension needed and the reason.
Others still were radio mechanics who wanted to get flying status. Almost anyone brave enough to volunteer to fly combat missions -- and clever enough to learn the job -- could become an RCM operator.
His application to transfer from the French to the American Flying Service would be "lost," and on 11 November 1917 he was removed from flying status, probably as a result of a run-in with a French officer who insulted him (Hall I, 151).
Only certain enlisted aviation flight maintenance technicians are trained to use the oscilloscope, and in recent years, the Navy has gradually dropped all but a few of them from flying status. So almost none of the officers in an E-2 today know how to use the demned thing.
Subsequently mounted "on a pole," it was restored to flying status in the late 1970s.
The team has already successfully returned one Fire Scout back to flying status and is in the process of grooming another for fleet operations.