FNQFundação Nacional da Qualidade (Portuguese: National Quality Foundation; Brazil)
FNQFar North Queensland
FNQFamily Needs Questionnaire
FNQFairley Nasal Questionnaire
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Fineqia International is a listed entity in Canada (CSE: FNQ), the US (OTC: FNQQF) and Europe (Frankfurt: FNQA).
The modified FNQ is a 54-item questionnaire modified by Siklos and Kerns [16] to examine the needs among parents of children with ASD and Down syndrome.
Segregados em oito criterios, o MEG possibilita a avaliacao do grau de maturidade da gestao, verificando processos gerenciais e resultados organizacionais e proporcionando a compreensao do mercado e do cenario onde a organizacao atua e com os quais se relaciona (FNQ, 2013).
It displays a high level of engagement with Indigenous issues, particularly through its 2004 NRM plan Sustaining the Wet Tropics: A regional plan for natural resource management 2004-2008 (FNQ NRM Ltd and Rainforest CRC 2004), and its funding of, and engagement with, The Wet Tropics Aboriginal Cultural and Natural Resource Management Plan (discussed below).
FNQ members will be treated to a special ATMS Skills Update Seminar at the Mercure Hotel Harbourside Cairns on Sunday, 4 November with guest speaker Manuela Almeida.
Community Artsworker Experienced Performances--street (CA), Innisfail, FNQ teacher with theatre (mask, mime, Celebrate experience in speech) & scripted play multiculturalism & organization of based on local oral biodiversity of Johnstone community histories.
Developed through a novel partnership between the region's Traditional Owners, the Rainforest CRC and FNQ NRM Ltd, the document identifies the aspirations, and a range of management and resourcing options for the Aboriginal Plan region's 17 Traditional Owner Groups.
IP=Differentials measure the difference between the industry premium received by the employees and the self-employed Table 6: Mean and Median IP-Differentials(1) (1996 Census, One-Digit Industries) Average Median MNQ -0.10412 -0.06141 MPQ -0.05310 -0.03351 MSQ -0.01224 -0.04040 MHQ 0.03398 0.04603 FNQ -0.09723 -0.03033 FPQ -0.05048 0.02735 FSQ 0.03234 0.07344 FHQ 0.06514 0.07849 M=Male, F=Female, NQ=No Educational Qualification, SQ=School Qualification and/or Trade Certificates, PQ=Primary School Qualification, HQ=University Degree.