FoEEFriends of the Earth Europe
FoEEFriends of the Earth Edinburgh (UK)
FoEEFriends of Early Education, Inc. (Tulsa, OK)
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FoEE is following developments of the 7th EAP and Circular Economy Package.
Finally, FoEE will be advocating the mainstreaming of sustainable development and the integration of environmental concerns into the whole project cycle for EU funds to facilitate compliance with EU environmental legislation.
FoEE 2006b: Friends of the Earth Biotechnology Programme: The contamination of Rice, in: Biotech Mailout, December 2006, 1-4.
Out of the 752 declarations verified by FoEE, 88 (11.
FoEE believes a rollover for Euratom could undermine the process for ratifying the Constitutional Treaty.
Ultimately, the FoEE calls on the Commission "to respect the will of the Council and withdraw their plans" - something the NGO sees as a "sham".
FoEE also stresses that the nuclear project should be assessed in the light of alternative projects.
FoEE warns that the lack of uniform standards means there will be "two European Unions" after enlargement: "The Western part with higher safety standards, and the lower standards for the East".
Data were analyzed from a large-scale study, the International College Survey (ICS, 2001), for the 14-item self-report FOEES which measures individuals' frequency of positive and negative emotions.