FoEIFriends of the Earth International
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FOEI encourages farmers to grow healthy plants naturally by substituting organic fertilizers and by implementing crop rotation, raising companion crops, using mechanical pest control, and working the soil to maximize distribution of soil nutrients.
Si fuera cierto que los alimentos transgenicos son beneficiosos para los consumidores entonces cabria preguntarse las razones por las cuales son tan rechazados en la mayor parte del mundo (Fox 2002, Bonny 2003, EFE 2004, Lin y Heong 2004, Center for Food Safety 2006, Genet 2006, GP-M 2006, FoEI 2007).
FoEI, 1997), the general key characteristics of ES can be summarised as follows:
The political debate about how to restructure international trade towards environmentally sound features is reflected with a distinct focus in UNCTAD, 1995 and FoEI, 1997.
If anything, FOEI has even more of a network structure than Greenpeace, and it has been more successful in developing a globally inclusive membership base.
As part of its legal action, FOEI submitted a 380-page dossier describing the appalling environmental and human rights abuses associated with the oil industry in Nigeria.
National groups are independent, which translates as a huge diversity of style, size and politics within the FoEI federation.
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