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4 According to a study conducted in India, the FOKL VDR gene's restriction fragment length polymorphism was found to be higher in male factor infertility cases as compared to controls.
Generalized ZFN monomer consists of two different functional domains: artificial ZF Cys2-His2 domain at the N-terminal region and a nonspecific Fokl DNA cleavage domain at the C-terminal region.
Comment: The results of the present study suggest that vitamin D supplementation may slow deterioration in patients with Parkinson's disease who have the VDR Fokl TT or CT genotypes (approximately two-thirds of the population studied).
Association of Vitamin D receptor gene variants of Bsml, Apal and Fokl polymorphisms with susceptibility or resistance to pulmonary tuberculosis.
95% CI (b) Polymorphism Estimate (a) Lower Upper p-Value (c) GSTP1 313A[right arrow]G 0.56 0.15 1.68 0.30 MBL2 codon 54A[right arrow]G 1.11 0.28 3.77 0.89 ABCB1 3435C[right arrow]T 0.43 0.11 1.40 0.16 MTHFR 677C[right arrow]T 1.05 0.35 3.31 0.90 NQO1 609C[right arrow]T 0.75 0.17 2.63 0.68 SLC19A1 80A[right arrow]G 0.91 0.30 2.71 0.90 SHMT1 1420C[right arrow]T 1.95 0.64 6.87 0.17 TPMT 460G[right arrow]A 0 0 4.36 0.43 TPMT 719A[right arrow]G 0 0 4.36 0.43 VDR start codon Fokl 0.93 0.26 2.97 0.90 TYMS 28-bp repeat 0.95 0.24 3.25 0.89 (a) Point estimate of odds ratio of each copy of the minor allele on the odds of disease, obtained using matched conditional logistic regression.
Vitamin D receptor gene start codon polymorphism (Fokl) and bone mineral density in control male subjects.
This is followed by a DNA-cleaving enzyme called Fokl, acting as hardware, which cuts a portion of the input molecule.
Fokl polymorphism at translation initiation site of the vitamin D receptor gene predicts bone mineral density and vertebral fractures in postmenopausal Italian women.