FOBOSFriends of Boulder Open Space (Boulder, CO)
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Zoltan el Temerario, por ejemplo, que sigue un formato muy similar a Flash Gordon, cae prisionero de unas amazonas que gobiernan Fobos.
Kennedy, the white skulls in Pol Pot's killing fields, and finally the events of September 11, is immediately filled with the strongest and the most patent feelings of the sublime, awe and astonishment, and in a strange twist of psychology, the Aristotelian pity and fear (in the original eleos [empathy] and fobos [wonderment]).
But no one was surprised when in September I word came at the last minute that Fobos Grunt would not launch until 2011.
Summer Theatre Seaside Garden Tel: 052/ 612 803 FOBOS [concert] September 12, 8pm
1877 Se observan dos lunas alrededor de Marte: Fobos y Deimos.