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FOCHFriends of Camp Hollis (est. 1999; Oswego, NY)
FOCHFriends of Childrens Hospital (Jackson, MI)
FOCHFilters Out Common Hashes (data processing software)
FOCHFriends of the Central Highlands (Kersey, PA)
FOCHFederación Obrera Chilena (Spanish: Workers Federation of Chile)
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Sin embargo, esta tesis fue refutada por el historiador estadounidense Peter DeShazo, quien sostuvo que la FOCh fue una organizacion sindical cuyo margen de accion social y politico se limito principalmente al espacio geografico del Norte Grande.
Mae 'na gred hefyd fod y gragen foch felen yn defnyddio narcotig er mwyn llonyddu eu hysglyfaeth ar y traeth, er mwyn iddi fynd ati i dyllu drwy'r gragen, ac wedyn bwyta'r anifail sydd y tu mewn.
Although she never achieved star status, Foch became a distinguished supporting player, often as "the other woman" or figures of wealth and connivance in B-movie classics like "My Name Is Julia Ross.
Pershing, Commander-in-Chief of American Armies; George Clemenceau, the French Premier; Marshall Ferdinand Foch, the Supreme Allied Commander; General Henri Philippe Petain, Commander-in-Chief of French Armies; and Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, the Commander-in-Chief of British Armies.
Bud Calcul Technique et Scientifique, 25, Rue du Marechal Foch, 78000 Versailles, France)
BABE RUTH, after being introduced to Marshall Foch, the hero of World War I, and carefully checking his huge array of medals: "My God, what happened?
Bertrand Foch suggested at the annual meeting of the North American Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology.
French involvement in the armistice discussion centered around Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau and Marshal Foch.
Foch was intelligent, cool, calm under stress, and an inspiring leader; although he was criticized for his "mystique of the attack," his theories were not so simplistic, as demonstrated by his success in his first battles (Ardennes-Morhange, August 14-22, 1914) as well as his final victories; a man of extraordinary character and France's finest soldier of the twentieth century.
He first attained prominence as the sculptor of many of the important figures at the Versailles Conference in 1918, including Woodrow Wilson, Marshall Foch, General Pershing, and Clemenceau.