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FACTFreedom against Censorship Thailand
FACTFederation Against Copyright Theft (UK)
FACTFair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (US)
FACTFine Arts Center Theater (Western New Mexico University)
FACTFonds d'Amélioration des Conditions de Travail (French: Fund for Improvement of Working Conditions)
FACTFalse Alarm Control Circuit
FACTFocus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies
FACTFacility for the Analysis of Chemical Thermodynamics
FACTFood, Agriculture, Conservation and Trade Act of 1990 (US)
FACTFederation of American Consumers and Travelers
FACTFirst G-APD (Geiger-Mode Avalanche PhotoDiode) Cherenkov Telescope
FACTFoundation for Art and Creative Technology
FACTFoundation to Assist Canadian Talent
FACTFirst Amendment Cyber-Tribune (online newspaper)
FACTField Assessment and Coordination Team (Red Cross)
FACTFind and Compare Tool (IBM)
FACTFederation of Associations of Canadian Tamils
FACTFathers Are Capable Too
FACTFlexible Alternating Current Transmission
FACTFoundation for Academic Excellence and Talent Development (various locations)
FACTFrench American Charitable Trust
FACTFlorida Assertive Community Treatment
FACTFamily and Children's Trust Fund (Virginia)
FACTFair Access to Clinical Trials Act (proposed US legislation)
FACTFair Access Coalition on Testing
FACTField Advance Civilian Team (US DoD)
FACTFast, Accurate, Concise, and True
FACTFord Accelerated Credential Training
FACTForeign Affairs Counter Threat Course
FACTFairchild Advanced CMOS Technology
FACTFranco-Américaine Cinéma et Théâtre (French American Association for Cinema and Theatre)
FACTFreethinkers for Acceptance Cooperation and Trust
FACTFederation of Automated Coding Technologies
FACTFocus Area Collaborative Team
FACTForensic Addictions Corrections Treatment
FACTFuel and Combustion Technology
FACTFlexible Automatic Circuit Tester
FACTFarmers Adopting Computer Training (North Carolina)
FACTFlorida Association of Counties Trust (Tallahassee, FL)
FACTFully Automatic Compiling Technique
FACTFamily Assistance Crisis Team(s)
FACTFatal Accident Complaint Team (Michigan State Police)
FACTFighter Aircrew Conditioning Test (high G fitness exam)
FACTFully Automatic Compiler-Translator
FACTFashion, Arts, Culture, Technology
FACTFLAMES Advanced Correlated Terrain (FLAMES simulation scenarios)
FACTFoundation for Advanced Computer Technology
FACTFly Ash Carbon Treatment
FACTFacility Assurance Containment Team (Hilti)
FACTField Assembled Cable Termination (subsea cable termination)
FACTFully Automatic Cataloging Technique
FACTFormable Aligned Carbon Thermoset
FACTFoundation for the Advancement of Cardiac Therapies, Inc.
FACTFord Anodized Aluminium Corrosion Test
FACTFast Asymptotic Coherent Transmission
FACTForward Area Computer Terminal
FACTFalse Accusations Court Trouble
FACTForced-Air-Cooled Transformer
FACTFacility Automated Control Team
FACTFocus Ask questions Connect ideas Try to picture (active listening technique mnemonic)
FACTForward Analysis and Collection Team (USMC)
FACTFast Acting Control Transfer
FACTFunctional Analysis of Cancer Therapy
FACTFood Analysis, Chemistry and Technology