FofSForeman of Signals (British Army, Royal Corps of Signals)
FofSFocus on Food Safety (Kansas Department of Health and Environment)
FofSFriends of Freedom Society, Inc.
FofSFriends of Figure Skating
FofSFriends of Fred Smith (Wisconsin)
FofSFriends of Fort Selden (est. 1990; Radium Springs, NM)
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The first help function using conventional first order first sub-function (FOFS) and proposed second order first sub-function (SOFS).
According to the literature, knowledge may spill over from FOFs to DOFs through several channels.
Thus, a transition from traditional to demand-driven manufacturing with lower waste generation and energy consumption is needed, and often referred to as the "Factory of the Future" (FoF).
An alternative is to use the average return of funds of funds (FoFs), as suggested in Fung and Hsieh (2000b).
In view of the purport of permitting local asset management companies to entrust their assets/funds to foreign asset management companies for overseas asset management (Article 164-1, Decree), the maximum investment limit imposed on fund of funs (FOF) (1) when entrusting each asset management shall be also raised to 100 percent of the subject FOF's asset value applicable only for the cases where such investment/entrusting has been made to foreign asset management companies for FOF's overseas asset management, which was previously set at 50 percent of the FOF's asset value.
Because there is no evidence of persistence in a manager's out-performance, sometimes referred to as "alpha" or excess returns, above an index, a hedge fund of funds (FoF) can be used to mitigate the risks associated with individual hedge funds.
The FOFS was developed for this study to assess physical, emotional, and social symptoms of the participants' parents and siblings.
Second, with respect to funding structure, Everbright will invest in various primary market funds through its FoFs to enhance capital operation efficiency.
The next sections examine the SEC's concern about the "retailization" of hedge funds and discuss the role of registered hedge funds and particularly funds of hedge funds (FoFs).
The average management fee charged by hedge funds in Q1 2009 was 1.57 per cent, while FOFs charged an average of 1.25 per cent.
In terms of absolute risk, both the A SQUARE Index and the A SQUARE Funds of Funds Index did better than their benchmarks over the analyzed 12-month period: Volatility (defined as annualized standard deviation) was 5.22 for the A SQUARE Index and 5.21 for the FoF Index, compared to 6.23 for the HFRI and 19.7 for the MSCI World.