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FOTTFog on the Tyne (Lindisfarne album)
FOTTFacio Orale Trakt Therapie (German: Facio-Oral Tract Therapy; medicine)
FOTTFollow On To TOW
FOTTForo Observatorio Tanger-Tarifa (Spanish: Tanger-Tarifa Forum Center; human rights forum; Madrid, Spain)
FOTTFinger On The Trigger (movie)
FOTTFacial Oral Tract Therapy
FOTTFriends of the Theatre (various locations)
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THERE was no sign of Fog On The Tyne when these photographs were taken 40 years ago.
This track was taken from the charttopping album Fog on the Tyne. As I watched, I noticed the drummer Ray Laidlaw playing a bass drum with what looked like a fish; and this image has stayed in my mind ever since.
(1) AFTER X-Factor gave us shambolic performances from ex drunk Robbie Williams and ex-junkie Whitney Houston, is Gazza up next for a go at destroying Fog On The Tyne? (2) JORDAN nominated for Celebrity Mother Of The Year.
The 20 tracks here are a budget reminder of the Geordie group's commercial appeal, including Meet Me On The Corner, Fog On The Tyne, Lady Eleanor and We Can Swing Together.
The tour coincides with the 30th anniversary of Fog On The Tyne reaching No.1 in the album charts.
IT'S been three decades since Lindisfarne reached number one with Fog On the Tyne.
The soccer star's collaboration in 1990 with Lindisfarne on their classic song Fog On The Tyne has been a bit of an albatross around the Newcastle band's collective necks.
It's been eight mad years since Bobby Robson first dubbed Gazza "daft as a brush" long before he tried to cripple Gary Charles in the Cup Final, recorded Fog on the Tyne, beat up his wife, went on the ale and generally frittered away his chance of a glor ious career.
They learned to water-ski through the fog on the Tyne - now Nick and Julz Heaney are the two hottest water-babes in British sport.
Fog on the Tyne and a view of the old Scotswood Railway Bridge in January 1928