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FBBFury Balrog Blade (gaming)
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From December 2018 the new BM 4 will operate at a speed of 1200 m/min to produce folding box board with a basis weight of 250 g/m2.
Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has recently introduced a new food box made of the folding box board Incada.
Iggesund Paperboard has upgraded its folding box board Incada, Which was introduced in 2001.
Being recyclable and extremely lightweight virgin board, Korsnas Supreme offers considerable environmental benefits & potential cost advantages over conventional White Lined Chipboard (WLC) and Folding Box Board (FBB) solutions which typically use in the region of 400micron/250gsm or even heavier board.
PM 4 produces cigarette board, folding box board and solid bleached sulphate grades.
Iggesund Paperboard recently announced that it would roll out an upgraded incarnation of its Incada brand folding box board this coming fall.
The material was specially commissioned and manufactured for the customer and was produced from folding box board, with a holographic polyester extruded on to the board to give an aluminium-like look and feel.
The 400 micron white lined folding box board sleeve was printed on the Roland 900 press in five colours with UV gloss varnish and also on the reverse.
The packs, manufactured from 500micron Hard Sized Folding Box Board, feature nutritional information and health benefits on the front and back.
The cartons are manufactured from Avanta Prima 400 micron folding box board and printed in six colours with UV gloss.
The vacuum-packed dishes, sold at Waitrose and Tesco, are packed in fully coated folding box board, printed in six colours and with a high gloss varnish.
Each of the cartons, manufactured from folding box board, is printed in either five or six colours using metallised inks with pearlised varnish and spot gloss varnish.