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FTDGFollow the Drinking Gourd (song)
FTDGForage Trading Development Group (New Zealand)
FTDGFor the Damn Glory!
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1987), who currently is pursuing a doctorate degree in early music at the University of Southern California, has written an arrangement of an African American folksong entitled Follow the Drinking Gourd.
Another spiritual, Follow the Drinking Gourd, directed escapees to look for the Big Dipper in the night sky and head north to freedom.
When the Sun comes back And the first quail calls Follow the Drinking Gourd.
Left foot, peg foot, traveling on, Follow the Drinking Gourd.
The river ends between two hills Follow the Drinking Gourd.
When the great big river meets the little river Follow the Drinking Gourd.
Follow the Drinking Gourd, follow the Drinking Gourd For the old man is a-waiting for to carry you to freedom If you follow the Drinking Gourd.