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Embodying and exhibiting God's empowerment is one of such criteria used by many Christians to identify people who are "true" followers of Jesus Christ.
The Iranian president wished healthiness, success, happiness and prosperity for all followers of Jesus Christ in the world, and expressed the hope that collective efforts by all the world states would result in the restoration of tranquility, prosperity and welfare for all and establishment of durable justice based on monotheism, morality and kindness.
bishop should say these seven words: "Mea culpa; mea maxima culpa; I resign." After reading the last several years of NCR about the malfeasance of bishops protecting and transferring clergy sex abusers, there appears to be no other honorable course for persons claiming to be followers of Jesus Christ.
The new centre will help Christians in Birmingham live as Good News in a multi-faith city, addressing all aspects of belonging, believing and behaving so that these followers of Jesus Christ are equipped to build firm friendships and live out their faith in a way that strengthens their communities, builds up their belief and inspires others to seek the common good in our city.
In one recorded sermon, Lieutenant-Colonel Gary Hensley, the chief of the US military chaplains in Afghanistan, tells soldiers that, as followers of Jesus Christ, they all have a responsibility "to be witnesses for him".
Palm Sunday commemorates followers of Jesus Christ shaking branches to welcome him when he entered Jerusalem.
A thought-provoking examination of what it truly meant for Francis and Clare to be followers of Jesus Christ, and what that means for followers of Christ today.
With an increasing number of ecumenical partners, we regret the misuse of the Bible to support the condemnation of homosexuals as sick or sinful, regret their mistreatment by followers of Jesus Christ, and regret the way such prejudice against others different from ourselves can pretend to represent Christian orthodoxy and parade itself as the public face of the Christian faith.
This seminar is designed to provide assistance to chaplains and other military personnel who are followers of Jesus Christ to enable them more effectively serve their religious faith groups while serving their country....
Rather we regarded ourselves as followers of Jesus Christ living together in community, with varying ideas about how best to serve our Lord, but trusting each other, and accepting that all are endeavouring to listen to how the Spirit is guiding them.
In the meantime, followers of Jesus Christ, the slain Lamb, insists John (2:1-3:22), must remain faithfully committed to God and Christ alone.
If that were so, then Baptists as followers of Jesus Christ would have to declare that there is no other faith "for which we have more reverent honour" than that of the Jews.