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It is NOT related to foot and mouth disease, which affects livestock.
However, hand, foot and mouth disease isn't related to the animal disease that has attracted a lot of attention in recent years and is actually quite common.
7) Severe outbreaks have been reported to occur more often in Western Pacific countries (5) Hand, foot and mouth disease has become an increasing public health concern in Asia due to deaths frequently associated with cases caused by enterovirus 71.
In the absence of any proper information rumours rapidly spread among parents that several children had contracted foot and mouth disease, the dreaded cattle virus which can prove fatal to livestock.
Livestock on eight farms in the Surrey area were infected with foot and mouth in August and September 2007, probably due to live virus leaking from faulty pipe work at Pirbright animal health laboratory.
Hand foot and mouth disease mainly affects children and symptoms include feeling generally unwell with a sore mouth for a day or two before a rashappears.
Incidentally Third World nations have to live with foot and mouth.
We are waiting for those results and hopefully it will show it was not foot and mouth," he said.
Surveillance of hand, foot and mouth disease in Singapore.
4 million support for hotels and B&Bs is aimed to support substantial businesses who have been particularly impacted by the foot and mouth disease.
The new foot and mouth and BSE testing and reporting standards were among the more concrete results of the May 26-31 annual meeting of the International Committee of the Paris-based World Health Organization for Animal Health (Office International des Epizooties, OIE).
FOOT and mouth has hit spending by foreign tourists in Scotland dramatically, it was revealed yesterday.