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THE decision to suspend British racing for seven days as a result of the foot and mouth crisis will test absolutely the hypothesis that UK bookmakers can trade successfully on an exclusive diet of foreign racing, greyhounds, general sport and numbers betting.
Defra confirmed the farm, near Egham, Surrey, was infected with the disease after foot and mouth lesions were found on the carcasses of cattle.
Country visitors manager Sally Silk said: "Although we were closed for foot and mouth early on in the last financial year and there were a number of restrictions in place when we eventually re-opened, visitors have returned in large numbers."
Ben Gill, president of the National Farmers' Union, said the cost of foot and mouth was at least pounds 1billion above the compensation paid out to farmers.
'The foot and mouth provisions of this bill ensure that we will not be left in this position.'
He said: "There are a number of diseases other than foot and mouth which can show the same symptoms, but we welcome the fact that everyone acted so quickly in this case.
Rural chartered surveyors expect prices to fall further in the coming year as foot and mouth restrictions are eased.
Mr Brewis, then aged 35, was working on his brother's farm at Rothbury, Northumberland, when he became Britain's one confirmed human case of foot and mouth.
James Walton, chairman of the Warwickshire NFU, said the financial and practical effects of foot and mouth had been far-reaching.
John Charles, of Norton Lane, Tidbury Green, Solihull, was the first farmer to be found guilty of breaking the foot and mouth restrictions in the Warwickshire area.
She said: "Since the foot and mouth crisis, farmers in the West Midlands have shown greater awareness of the need to diversify.
'What people need to understand is that hand, foot and mouth disease may have a similar name and similar symptoms, but it is a completely separate illness.'