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FORACFor Action
FORACDe la FORêt Au Client (French: forest to customer)
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In its subtlest operations, further, Imagination penetrates below the surface and comprehends and brings to light the deeper forces and facts--the real controlling instincts of characters, the real motives for actions, and the relations of material things to those of the spiritual world and of Man to Nature and God.
Acting on evidence means using the organic explanation to develop a plan for action. This is in response to the question--What will we do about it?
It seemed that once I was prepared, no one called for action again on that particular problem.
The boss was still making his demands for action. It wasn't runouts anymore; it was about reducing costs, quality issues or parts a customer needed.
Preservice teachers becoming agents of change: Pedagogical implications for action research.
Every INTASC standard opens doors for action research because each requires teachers and teacher candidates to view classrooms as dynamic places where there are multiple strategies to enhance learning for every student.
The nature of research and the respect or lack of respect for action research is one that education students will grapple with as they proceed in doing their research.
And third, the shootings were unplanned crimes of opportunity, although the participants admitted to looking for trouble and went out dressed for action.
The commitment phase generated more excitement - a key motivator for action - and served as the staging point needed to bring the actual event to fruition.