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FBOFederal Business Opportunities
FBOFixed Base Operator
FBOFedBizOpps (formerly Commerce Business Daily)
FBOFixed Base Operation
FBOFor the Benefit Of (finance)
FBOFramebuffer Object (digital imaging tool)
FBOFaith Based Organization
FBOFile Backout Table
FBOFirst Byte Offset
FBOFrame Buffer Object
FBOFacilities Based Operator
FBOFor Benefit Of
FBOFixed-Based Operator (aviation, commercial)
FBOFlagstaff Biking Organization (Flagstaff, AZ)
FBOFinance & Business Operations (various locations)
FBOFood Business Operator
FBOFacilities-Based Operator
FBOFilm Booking Offices of America (New York, NY)
FBOForeign Buildings Operations
FBOFictional Battle Omniverse
FBOField Botanists of Ontario (Ontario, Canada)
FBOFacilities Business Office (various schools)
FBOFull Body Orgasm (Reichian psychology)
FBOForeign Banking Organization (finance)
FBOFlag Banking Officer (Church of Scientology)
FBOFacebook Official (internet slang)
FBOForeign Buildings Office
FBOFecal Body Odor (website)
FBOFan Blade Off (aircraft)
FBOFurnished by Others (construction bidding)
FBOFamily Buy Out
FBOFurnished by Owner (construction bidding)
FBOForeign Body Obstruction
FBOFarmer Based Organisation
FBOFor Best Offer (classified ads)
FBOFor Brokers Only (insurance)
FBOFailing Better Offer
FBOFinal Biological Opinion
FBOFixed Buyout (certificate)
FBOFriendly by Origin
FBOFinance Business Office (IBM)
References in classic literature ?
It has been the prudent policy of Congress to appease this controversy, by prevailing upon the States to make cessions to the United States for the benefit of the whole.
I doubt not the captain had this veracious picture taken for the benefit of his marines.
It is summed up in the phrase: the bourgeois is a bourgeois -- for the benefit of the working class.
The WBP trust's assets are owned by the trust, not by the employer; any use of the assets by the employer for its own benefit or for the benefit of a related entity would be a party-in-interest transaction that violates ERISA Section 406(a)(1)(D).
Legislative proposals have addressed whether such hospitals operate to the extent of their financial abilities for the benefit of those unable to pay.
2002-21 (29) effectively required professional employer organizations (PEOs) that maintain defined-contribution plans for the benefit of their clients' employees either to terminate the plans or convert them into multiple employer plans.
separate accounts existed that were being used for the benefit of the employees of a contributing employer only.
In Spinks view, this arrangement involved the use of existing plan assets to pay off potential discrimination claims against Lockheed as an employer, thus, plan assets were used for the benefit of Lockheed, a party in interest, not plan participants, constituting a prohibited transaction with a party in interest, a per se violation of ERISA Section 406(a)(1)(D).
4975(c)(1)(d) provides that any direct or indirect transfer to, or use by or for the benefit of, a disqualified person of the income or assets of a plan generally is a prohibited transaction.
under a trust or escrow arrangement) for the benefit of the employee, even if the benefited employee had no current actual or constructive access to such assets.
Plan two was maintained for the benefit of "outside directors," providing for benefit payments to begin after retirement or following the termination within three years after a change of control.