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FRCDFamily Resource Center on Disabilities
FRCDFloating-Rate Certificate of Deposit
FRCDFellowship in the Royal College of Dentists of Canada
FRCDfederally required commencement date
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The diagram to the right of the graph shows the progression of the weld as the energy director (blue) is forced against the mating part (red).
Ever since 1950, all service personnel serving in South Korea (36,000 are currently stationed there) have served in the "United Nations Command." They haven't been forced to wear blue helmets or UN insignia but, as confirmed by the cover page of Army General Robert W.
Our enormous commitment of resources to Iraq has emboldened our enemies, including North Korea, and has forced us to neglect other crisis spots such as Haiti and the Sudan.
Also, [h.sub.c] < [h.sub.max] such that this equation is not valid when pile-up occurs, i.e., when material is forced up along the sides of the indentation tip.
As the Cold War heated up, the Navy was forced to concentrate its efforts on building long-range, nuclear-laden bombers, as well as ships big enough to launch and recover them.
Army estimate that only 15 to 20 percent of infantry soldiers in World War II fired their weapons at exposed enemy soldiers.(3) Most feared being forced to kill another person more than they feared being maimed or killed themselves.