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FADCFonds d'Aide au Développement Communautaire (French: Community Development Assistance Fund; Comoros)
FADCFast Analog to Digital Converter
FADCForeign Affairs and Defense Committee (Israel)
FADCFulton Area Development Corporation (Fulton, MO)
FADCFast/Flash Analog-to-Digital Converter
FADCFocus Attack Dash Cancel (gaming, Street Fighter)
FADCForce Air Defense Commander
FADCFull Authority Digital Control
FADCFriday Afternoon Drinking Club
FADCFuel/Air Data Computer (airplane fuel instrument)
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On 9 October 2018, NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller met with Avi Dicter, Chairman of the Israeli Parliaments (Knesset) Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, to discuss NATO-Israel cooperation.
(Ret.) Anat Berko, Head of the Foreign Affairs and Defenses Subcommittee on Cyber Affairs; Omer Bar Lev, Head of the Foreign Affairs and Defenses Subcommittee for Military Readiness and Routine Security; and Michal Rozin, Member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Member of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, and Member of the Implementation of Government Information and Transparency Committee.
The Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee is to discuss a bill to deduct the allowances for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli Prisons and for the families of martyrs and wounded Palestinians from the tax revenues transferred by the Israeli authorities to the Palestinian Authority.
The House of Councillors Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee decided Friday to summon former Vice Defense Minister Takemasa Moriya as a sworn witness Thursday as part of efforts to get to the bottom of a series of collusion scandals involving the former top defense bureaucrat and a defense equipment trader.
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