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FBSFetal Bovine Serum (culture media)
FBSFootball Bowl Subdivision (formerly NCAA Division 1-A)
FBSFootball Bowl Subdivision
FBSFidelity Brokerage Services
FBSFaculty of Biological Sciences (various locations)
FBSFirst Baptist School (various locations)
FBSFasting Blood Sugar
FBSFlatbed Scanner
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FBSFatboy Slim (band)
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FBSFunctional Breakdown Structure
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FBSFeel Better Soon
FBSFailed Back Syndrome (post-surgical condition)
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FBSFunktionsbausteinsprache (German: Function Block Diagram)
FBSFrance Brochure System (est. 1989)
FBSForeign Body Sensation
FBSFanconi-Bickel Syndrome
FBSFixed-Base Simulator
FBSFetal Blood Sample
FBSFall Board Skins
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FBSFrequency Based Scheduler
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FBSFirefighters Breathing System (US NASA)
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FBSField Bus System
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FBSFighter-Bomber Strike
FBSFloodplain Boundary Standard
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FBSFellow of the Burgon Society
FBSFusion Block System
FBSFrequency Bank System
FBSFlare Buildup Study
FBSFinished Bore Size (measurement)
FBSFahr Berechtigungs System (Mercedes-Benz)
FBSFast Burst Synchronization
FBSFreight Billing System
FBSFacilities Based Carrier
FBSFlat Bottom Structure
FBSFunctional Baseline Solution
FBSFirst Break Suppression (seismic data processing)
FBSFront Bass
FBSFocus Business Services (Cyprus)
FBSFortified Barrier System
FBSFile Based Syndication (software; Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
FBSFull Belly Syndrome
FBSFat Baby Syndrome (aka macrosomia)
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Foreign body sensation and watery eye were the most commonly
Patients who experienced recurrent pain in oropharynx and face, dysphagia, foreign body sensation in the throat and one or more of the other symptoms with no other medical reasons but elongated SP were considered as ES.
In a study of the ocular side effects of nepafenac, ocular adverse events that occurred at rates of at least 1% included blurred vision, photophobia, posterior capsular opacity, foreign body sensation, dry eye and increased intraocular pressure.
The major symptom seen was foreign body sensation in throat seen in 15 patients and change in voice in 7 patients.
Foreign body sensation was less complained in Group B than in Group A, but the variance was not statistically significant.
However, the Bimatoprost group reported having less dry eye symptoms and foreign body sensation than the Latanoprost group.
The burrowing process is asymptomatic, but as the flea enlarges (reaching up to 1 cm) it can create pain, pruritus, and a foreign body sensation (3).
Dry eye leads to the eyes drying out and presents different symptoms such as foreign body sensation, pain, irritation, blurred vision, redness, however in some cases, it presents with no symptoms at all.
Dry eye symptoms include burning, stinging, grittiness, tearing, foreign body sensation, ocular fatigue, and dryness.
The most common symptoms were foreign body sensation 22(91.7%), followed by throat pain 19(79.2%) and dysphagia 10(41.7%).
Slonim suggests that dermatologists refer rosacea patients to an ophthalmologist if they present with any eye symptom, such as dryness, burning, or itching, foreign body sensation in one or both eyes, or chronic redness of either the eyes or the eyelid margins.
Associated symptoms included halitosis and foreign body sensation within the neck.
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