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FODAFortalezas, Oportunidades, Debilidades y Amenazas (Spanish: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats; a planning methodology)
FODAFeature Oriented Domain Analysis
FODAFormal Specification of Oda Document
FODAFear of Doing Anything
FODAFort Davis National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
FODAFlorida Operator and Door Association (trade group)
FODAFormative Observation Data Analysis (teacher evaluation)
FODAFiber Optic Doppler Anemometry
FODAFiber Optic Distribution Assembly
FODAForeign Object Damage (aviation)
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Dubai Airport authorities have launched a campaign to limit foreign object damage which costs the aerospace industry up to $2 billion a year in direct costs, and ten times as much in indirect costs from delays.
The keen situational awareness and quick reaction of SSgt Courtaway prevented catastrophic foreign object damage of a $3.
I scratched pars of my body that itched, checked for foreign object damage in my nose, made a tiny hole with my thumb and index finger and squinted through it so I could magnify the stars--I did all this until I realized people could see me plain as day through night vision goggles.
Many lacked basic understanding of their role within the Air Force, Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC), and air logistics centers and were unfamiliar with core maintenance programs such as tool control, technical orders, safety, and foreign object damage prevention.
We're trying to eliminate this type of foreign object damage.
The FCF was complicated by a hydraulic leak during the ground turn, which was fixed and completed without a foreign object damage check afterwards.
We downed the jet and cancelled the flight for foreign object damage (FOD).
Launched in autumn 2011, the mat can be deployed rapidly by hand and will prevent foreign object damage so valuable UAV assets are protected.
Additionally, the free roaming food wrappers and debris contribute to and help sustain the foreign object damage (FOD) conditions.
The Laser Shock Peening (LSP) team, comprised of representatives from Air Force, Army, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric Aircraft Engine, LSP Technologies, and AT & T Government Solutions, developed the laser shock peening to increase the durability of titanium turbine engine fan blades and decrease their sensitivity to foreign object damage.
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