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"It could have been an easy decision to just forfeit the game, but credit to them - they came and played gallantly throughout.
Houston's orthodox Beren Academy chose to forfeit the game instead of violating the Jewish Sabbath by playing what was supposed to be its first-ever game in the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) state tournament.
The failure to produce the licences meant Birmingham were forced to forfeit the game.
"There is an internal regulation that if a team plays at anything other than full strength, the subsequent result could then have an effect on the championship, the team should forfeit the game and be put in last place," Beiruti added.
"I don't know what will happen now in terms of the game but you would think the team that pulls out would forfeit the game.
Under National One regulations, if a side fails to provide adequate front row cover on the replacements' bench and the match has to go to uncontested scrums, they forfeit the game.
Perhaps they should have considered delaying any reaction to umpire Darrell Hair's ball-tampering allegations until after the match, and they wouldn't have been forced to forfeit the game.
Unfortunately, this has all been in my head, and this week I had to take my perfect game to the slightly more challenging environment of the real world, where I managed eight runs in two innings, no perfect cover drives and my only contribution to winning the match occurred when I turned up ensuring my team didn't forfeit the game for being one short.
Keith is writing a letter of complaint to the governing body of the British Crown Green Bowling Association where the new rules state anybody lighting- up during a match will forfeit the game.
Next, Chill asked Connie Mack for help, but the Athletics manager merely turned his palms upward as if to say, "What am I supposed to do?" Chill had no choice but to forfeit the game to Chicago.
He is, however, the first to complain that women can only rise in the playing field when men forfeit the game, "like Anne Northrup and Sarah Schulman, whose newfound power and prominence was due in some measure to the disappearance of so many gay men."
To be absolutely accurate, young Cormac Murchu was reported to have only played five minutes at the start of the second half so that the team wouldn't forfeit the game having initially arrived for the encounter against Tallow with only 14 men (and, fortunately, a boy).