FORLFusarium Oxysporum F. Sp. Radicis-Lycopersici
FORLFeline Ondoclastic Resorptive Lesion (feline oral malady)
FORLFeline Odontoclastic/Oral Resorptive Lesion(s)
FORLFriends of the Red Line (transportation; California)
FORLFriends of Ruislip Lido (UK)
FORLFriends of Ruch Library (Oregon)
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8220;This partnership clearly shows the international growth of FORL as well as the increasing worldwide recognition of the ENT specialty in Brazil.
FORL attack the roots grow within the conducting vessels of the roots and base of the stem, which turn brown and rot.
Given what has been stated above, the aim of the present work is to assess, in tomato plants, the antagonist effect of nonpathogenic Fo47 on the pathogen Forl, where two bioassays were used in which, the investigated mechanisms involved the direct antagonism, including a competition for nutrients and root colonization, using a temporal separation of the antagonist and the pathogen on the one hand and inducing systemic resistance to the tomato plant, using a physically separation of the antagonist and the pathogen to the same plant root level with a split root method on the other.
While their biggest battle is in court, the Coventry players insist they are only focusing on a now forlorn-looking fight for a play-off fo fo fo fo fo forl rl rl rl rlor or or or or orn-n-n lo lo lo look ok ok ok okin in in ing fi fi fi figh gh gh gh g t fo fo for a pl pl pl p ay ay ay-off ff ff spot.
THE yacht on which Welsh acting legend Richard Burton romanced Liz Taylor is on the market forl $4m.
DIEGO FORL AN is on a mission to beat Fulham tonight - and get revenge after his nightmare in England.
The Committee on Safety of Medicines issued new advice forl health professionals saying women should be assessed individually.
Unfortunately, the only effective treatment available for teeth affected by FORL is extraction.
Chris Dawson, chairman of FORL, called for the traditional county boundaries to be acknowledged.
FORL has campaigned since the 1980s for the traditional geographical county of Lancashire to be recognised and acknowledged, irrespective of the administrative arrangements currently applying within its boundaries.
Execution of all the technical, managerial and administrative actions intended to maintain, restore guarantee and improve the functionality, the dcor, the general quality, l ~ efficiency and safety of the green areas, the street trees and their appurtenances and accessory components of ownership the Municipality of Forl.