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MORPHO-Form, Shape (Prefix)
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'This show contains everything: lines, hues, rhythm, form, shape, tone, balance and texture infused in space.
It's all about fitness levels, form, shape, then we will see."
What form, shape, or size of federalism remains unclear as of the present time.
Form, shape, height and texture will play a big role in white borders.
The word samskara comes from the Sanskrit sam (totality of) and kara (form, shape, or personality) and is sometimes interpreted as aspect of consciousness, energy, and personality in each object or being.
* learn about the art elements and principles of design, such as texture, form, shape, color and pattern.
The high-power density, top level of functionalities, richness of features, high efficiency, negligible EMI, and compact board-level modules, make tailoring the modules to meet any form, shape, and function, a simple task.
Just like a composer would use 8 notes to compose a sheet of music, this show came together from form, shape, line and surface decoration into a harmonious composition of functional ceramic works.
As the wheel turns, the clay is carefully moulded and the unattractive lump develops form, shape and design.
In The Reassuring Effects (of Form and Poetry) from 2003, to Dvorak, McIntyre's sense of form, shape, and musicality blend into a glowing group piece.