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The latest incarnation of the Worcester form of government debate surfaced in July, when members of the Worcester-Community Labor Coalition called on the City Council to hold public hearings this fall so the public can weigh in on the city's form of government.
A June 4, 2007 Macomb Daily editorial stated, "The current form of government .
Kudos also to Solomon and Poling, who, during the same work session, called Councilor Taylor on the carpet regarding her earlier remarks against the city manager form of government.
Yoder's disavowal of the question of what form of government is best does not mean that he thinks we live politically in a world in which all cats are gray.
But he can't teach it as a reasonable scientific theory in public school, because to do so would violate a central tenet of the American form of government -- the separation of church and state.
For Ascher, the inability of Russian society to make a successful transition to a constitutional, parliamentary form of government reflected the political immaturity of Russian society as a whole and the deep social cleavages and animosities of the late Imperial period which militated against the peaceful renovation of political life.
MANILA, Philippines The revision of the 1987 Constitution and the shift from a unitary to a federal form of government would be the top priorities of the House of Representatives for this year, Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez said Wednesday.
President Rodrigo Duterte said Tuesday that Filipinos might not be ready for a federal form of government but stressed that this was the key to lasting peace in the country and in conflict-ridden Mindanao.
Alvarez emphasized that a shift to a federal form of government is crucial to spur the socio-economic development of each region or state.
WORCESTER -- A petition requesting the City Council to hold public hearings this fall on the city's form of government has been placed on hold and will not be taken up until mid-September at the earliest.
They were to discuss the rebel group's proposal for the establishment of a federal form of government to strengthen the autonomy of Filipino-Muslims in the southern Philippines, the source said.