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They said most of the animals referred to as matimela have got some form of identification, hence they were puzzled by the fact that they are classified as matimela.
In Texas, a parent must show one primary form of identification, like a driver's license or valid passport or visa, in order to obtain a birth certificate for their child.
With this bill, Illinois drivers will be able to keep their driver s license which is used as a primary form of identification for receiving services related to banking, travel, education and more.
Far from accommodating illegal immigrants, a two-tier system would put the most desirable form of identification beyond their reach - while helping ensure that everyone driving in Oregon, regardless of their status in other respects, is qualified to be behind the wheel.
A spokesman for West Mercia Constabulary said today: "We again urge all residents to be extremely cautious about who they let into their homes and to always ask for some form of identification that can be checked independently.
Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) both have concluded that the Matricula ConSular card is not a reliable form of identification because of the non-existence of any means of verifying the true identity of the cardholder.
Phillip Holman, head of trading standards, said: "It is essential that young people who try to buy fireworks are asked for some form of identification.
Whereas most films (and not only conventional narrative features) encourage some form of identification whereby viewers can discern a human viewpoint behind the relation of the camera to its subjects--the camera becomes the eyes of the viewer for the length of the film--this one seems to look at its human protagonists with the same sort of distant yet eroticized curiosity they have for the eccentric machines that are their costars.
SANTANDER announced a new, unique form of identification for its credit and debit cards.
The case brought by privacy advocate John Gilmore challenges the requirement to show a form of identification before boarding an aircraft.