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None the less, she made great parade of her formal inspections, the riot of which could be heard half-way to Mussoorie.
The pest control team said schools required extra visits because it was the first time a formal inspection had been done, and they expect this will reduce over time once premises are "pest-proofed" and awareness of good practice becomes more widespread.
Everyone within the school community is delighted with the hard work and success being recognised in a formal inspection.
During his formal inspection of the Squadron, Group Captain Morrell made a specific point of talking to every cadet on parade.
4 : a formal inspection of troops by officers of high rank or an important person
Hotel owner Kirit Malaviya received an oral report from the inspectors about other issues that need to be immediately addressed and will receive the formal inspection reports when they are ready, officials said.
In all these cases it is widely understood by those involved that formal inspection of the hologram provides the quickest way to identify a fake product, even if this then needs to be supported by forensic examination.
Conduct a broad-based formal inspection of the process, bringing together key process stakeholders, such as the leaders of product development and technology development organizations.
One federal official, who asks not to be identified, says the agency will not publish any kind of formal inspection schedule letting companies know in advance when DOT inspectors will be knocking on their doors.
The report said that particular attention needed to be paid to minimising exposure to children who it believes are more sensitive to the radio-waves, and that 3G base stations should be continually monitored and a formal inspection procedure be introduced, reports Dow Jones.
About 71% of respondents say they have a formal inspection process at one or several phases of construction to check quality.
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