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FGField Goal (football)
FGField Goal (basketball)
FGFamily Guy (Fox TV show)
FGFighter Group
FGFrag Grenade (gaming)
FGFootball Game
FGFocus Group
FGFine Gael (Ireland)
FGFoggia (Puglia, Italy)
FGFacilitator Guide (various organizations)
FGFlorida Gators
FGFoie Gras (food product)
FGFujitsu General (various locations)
FGForeign-Going (merchant navy qualification; various locations)
FGFunctional Group (ATM Forum, MPOA SWG)
FGFiber Glass
FGFlexible Graphite (various companies)
FGFunctioneringsgesprek (Dutch: Performance Appraisal)
FGFire Giant
FGFixed Gear (type of bicycle)
FGForrest Gump (movie)
FGFloating Gate
FGFinding of Guilty (criminal justice)
FGFaubourg (French)
FGFace and Gesture Recognition (Conferenece)
FGFrame Grabber
FGFracture Gradient (oil engineering)
FGFuture Generation
FGFrequency Generator
FGFirst Gentleman
FGField Grade
FGAriana Afghan Airlines (IATA airline code)
FGForeign Government
FGFormal Grammar (workshop)
FGFort Gordon
FGFinance Group
FGFinitely Generated (mathematics)
FGFrench Guyana
FGFeature Group
FGFull Group (Dark Age of Camelot online game)
FGFine Grade (construction)
FGFinished Good(s)
FGFast Glycolytic
FGFlat Grain (lumber)
FGFinish Grade (construction)
FGFrank Gasparro (designer of reverse of US penny 1959-present)
FGFan Girl
FGFlemish Giant (breed of rabbit)
FGFréquence Gaie (French: Gay Frequency; radio station)
FGFixed Gain
FGFallen Gate (gaming, Everquest II)
FGFighting Gravity (band)
FGFranzösisches Gymnasium (Berlin, Germany school)
FGFrost Giants (Everquest creature)
FGFunctional Grade
FGFat Grin
FGForce Goals
FGFocus Gain
FGFiscal Guidance
FGFranciscan Guild (Catholic Trade Guild)
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The user must structure each command around a relatively formal grammar. The invention described in the patent application would deformalize the means for addressing the device, thus enabling Alexa to fit more easily and naturally into everyday life.
Akihito spoke in ordinary Japanese, rather than the formal grammar employed by his father, the last emperor regarded by prevailing custom to be a living deity.
exploration of L-systems, a formal grammar most famously used to model
Punjabi - like most languages of colonial India -was mostly an oral language that lacked a formal grammar and lexicon.
English is based on the ESL (English as Second Language) format instead of formal grammar. Math is made practical as part of their life skills.
Aspects of Slavic Linguistics: Formal Grammar, Lexicon and Communication
As Hannah posited, the arrangement of students' words reflect not only their understanding of formal grammar, but also their thought process in general.
A formal grammar for the description of sentence structure in modern standard Arabic.
Not only is it a fine example of a 16th century, stone-built manor house but it was also where Henry Salesbury (1561-c 1605) wrote his Grammatica Britannica, published in 1593, which was one of the first attempts to impose formal grammar on the Welsh language.
Such correlations do not provide a strong case against Platonism for formal grammar, but they intuitively open the door for a biospychological account.
Having started primary school in the late 1960s, I was influenced by a drill and skill approach but feel I missed the kind of formal grammar lessons that marked the previous decade.
Krashen (as cited in Freeman and Freeman, 2004), who has done investigation on the traditional prescriptive teaching of grammar, concludes that there is no relationship between grammar study and writing; that is, there is no relationship between formal grammar instruction and performance on measures of writing ability.