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FSUFormer Soviet Union
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FSUFinance Sector Union
FSUFédération Syndicale Unitaire (French trade union)
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FSUFree Standing Unit
FSUFuel Sending Unit (automotive)
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FSUFerry Service Unit (US Navy)
FSUFriedrich Schiller Universität of Jena (German: Friedrich Schiller University of Jena)
FSUFreeze Substitution Unit
FSUFeminist Students United
FSUForward Support Unit
FSUFanshawe Student Union (Fanshawe College, London, Ontario, Canada)
FSUFinance Support Unit
FSUField Storage Unit (ammunition)
FSUFlat Side Up (fluid mechanics)
FSUFile Swapping Utility
FSUFrequency Synthesizer Unit
FSUFrame Synchronization Unit
FSUFormer Spousal Unit
FSUFantasy Sports Unlimited
FSUFriends Should Unite
FSUFunctional Support Unit
FSUFlight Status Update
FSUFoul Stuff Up (polite form)
FSUFast-Spike Unit (neurobiology)
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In one of the recent cases, Oleg, an Israeli citizen who emigrated from the former Soviet Union, got engaged and applied for a marriage license.
Trump said the former Soviet Union was right to be in Afghanistan because it was fighting terrorists, upending decades of US foreign policy as Washington had funded and armed the opposition during the 10-year war in the belief that Moscow was trying to spread communism.
As for immigrants from the former Soviet Union aged 65 and over--their wages are lower, on average, than those of Ashkenazi and Mizrahi first and second-generation Israelis, and their representation in sales, services and clerical work is higher.
In a survey of 100 key decision makers at operating mines throughout Europe and the former Soviet Union (FSU), respondents highlighted their dissatisfaction towards costs associated with their equipment, with cost reduction being critical for OEMs to retain and develop their customers in the region.
70th anniversary of former Soviet Union forces' historic victory on Nazi Germany in 1945 being marked across Kazakhstan with parades and ceremonies.
"This year Forbes for the first time ranked cities, located on the territory of the former Soviet Union, attractive in terms of doing business.
Churchill said of the former Soviet Union that they would go around the house until they found a window open and then ask themselves to tea.
Chinese scientists instantly drew comparisons with the 13 'soft-landings' by the US and former Soviet Union saying that the 'suspension and obstacle-avoiding phases to survey the landing area' of China's lunar probe were designed with much more precision.
The withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan and the collapse of the former Soviet Union resulted in significantly improved bilateral relations.
Latvian banks are said to be holding more foreign cash than ever before as depositors from the former Soviet Union move their deposit base from Cyprus because of that country's economic woes.
"We clearly saw from history that the former Soviet Union collapsed while engaging in an arms race," he added.
"Thirty two years ago, on this day, the 6th of Jaddi, 1358 (AH anno hegirae) corresponding to 27th December, 1979, the former Soviet Union, in much the same way and for much the same reason as the present-day U.S, violating all human rights and ethics, invaded our country," he said.
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