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FUNAFormer Uganda National Army (rebel group)
FUNAFundación Nuestro Ambiente (Spanish: Our Environment Foundation; Argentina)
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There were many rival armed groups - namely the Uganda Freedom Movement (UFM), Federal Democratic Army (Fedemo), Uganda National Rescue Front (UNRF), and the Former Uganda National Army (FUNA) - which had participated in rebellion against the government of Uganda at the same time as the NRA.
(1.) These include rebellions by the Action Restore Peace, Allied Democratic Forces, Apac rebellion, Citizen Army for Multiparty Politics, Force Obote Back, Former Uganda National Army, Holy Spirit Movement, the Lord's Army, Lord's Resistance Army, National Federal Army, National Union for the Liberation of Uganda, Ninth October Movement, People's Redemption Army, Uganda Christian Democratic Army, Uganda Federal Democratic Front, Uganda Freedom Movement, Ugandan National Democratic Army, Uganda National Federal Army, Ugandan National Liberation Front, Ugandan National Rescue Fronts I and II, Ugandan People's Army, Ugandan People's Democratic Army, Uganda Salvation Army, and the West Nile Bank Front (Hovil and Lomo 2004, 4; Hovil and Lomo 2005, 6).
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