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FRMGFirst Resource Management Group (Canada)
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After the first surprise of the intelligence had a little abated, a rumor was spread through the entrenched camp, which stretched along the margin of the Hudson, forming a chain of outworks to the body of the fort itself, that a chosen detachment of fifteen hundred men was to depart, with the dawn, for William Henry, the post at the northern extremity of the portage.
He was the admiration of all the negroes; who, having gathered, of all ages and sizes, from the farm and the neighborhood, stood forming a pyramid of shining black faces at every door and window; gazing with delight at the scene; rolling their white eye-balls, and showing grinning rows of ivory from ear to ear.
On the evening of the day on which I had seen Miss Scatcherd flog her pupil, Burns, I wandered as usual among the forms and tables and laughing groups without a companion, yet not feeling lonely: when I passed the windows, I now and then lifted a blind, and looked out; it snowed fast, a drift was already forming against the lower panes; putting my ear close to the window, I could distinguish from the gleeful tumult within, the disconsolate moan of the wind outside.
Day and night he was watching, and patiently enduring all the annoyances that irritable nerves and a shaken reason could inflict; and, though Kenneth remarked that what he saved from the grave would only recompense his care by forming the source of constant future anxiety - in fact, that his health and strength were being sacrificed to preserve a mere ruin of humanity - he knew no limits in gratitude and joy when Catherine's life was declared out of danger; and hour after hour he would sit beside her, tracing the gradual return to bodily health, and flattering his too sanguine hopes with the illusion that her mind would settle back to its right balance also, and she would soon be entirely her former self.
Applications: Automotive, refrigeration, general forming
By applying energy beneath the forming wire, the partially formed sheet is fluidized, allowing the redistribution of fiber flocs, which improves formation and drainage.
At steel melting temperatures, however, reactions between the iron- and manganese oxide, and the spinel compound will occur more readily, forming a modified spinel [(Fe, Mn, Mg)O*[Al.
Applications: Heavy-gauge forming, including Class-A and TPO parts
This patented system employs two molds that alternately swing back and forth between forming and parts-removal stations, creating a system that gets the productivity benefits of two molds while requiring just one trim station.
Features: Pressure forming capability, non-contact JR temperature sensing, PC control with recipe storage, modem communications.
Higher productivity in forming thicker sheet is the goal of a new continuous, roll-fed system from ZED Industries Inc.
ITS also plans to unveil new developments in trim-in-place forming of PP, rotary machines, and forming of deep draws and foam sheet.