FORTASForward Observation Remote Target Acquisition System
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Men like Fortas, a brilliant Yale Law School grad from a modest background who owned multiple homes and Rolls-Royces, set a new lifestyle standard in Washington.
that other factors may have played a role in the rejection of Fortas as
El Infierno y El Purgatorio de Meno Fortas se visualiza en el escenario con una gran esfera negra colocada en un costado, como si fuera el planeta oscuro del inframundo.
According to historian Rick Perlstein, Fortas sat silent for a full minute--it is difficult to imagine the "optics" of such in today's media culture--before declining to answer.
1) Abe Fortas, Concerning Dissent and Civil Disobedience 60 (1968).
The new voting rights, criminal procedure, and domestic security results all followed from the change in personnel, especially Justices Goldberg and Fortas.
The press coverage of Abe Fortas that led to his resignation from the court hurt Brennan.
Sultan bin Mohammed al-Numani, the Minister of the Royal Office also received in his Office here today Yousef Fortas, Swiss Consul General in Muscat.
In the summer of 1962, Abe Fortas was appointed in the case to represent Gideon.
an optometric device maker, said Tuesday it started selling Tuesday the Fortas Cube, a compact version of its injector equipment for cataract surgery operations, targeting sales of around 200 units in Japan and 500 units overseas per year with the suggested retail price set at 6.
Anticipating President Nixon's election in 1968, he attempted to resign in time for President Johnson to replace him as Chief with Associate Justice Fortas, and replace Fortas with another Associate Justice with a similar liberal philosophy.
Siame straipsnyje pasirinkti nagrineti du fortai: vienintelis, kurio aplinkoje dar islikes istorinis krastovaizdis (I fortas), ir fortas, aplink kuri realu istorini krastovaizdi is dalies atkurti (III fortas).