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FLIFlick (Motion Video Format)
FLIFatty Liver Index (medicine)
FLIFrançais Langue d'Intégration (French: French Language Integration)
FLIFront Line Infantry
FLIFritz Lipmann Institute (Germany)
FLIFos-Like Immunoreactivity (neuroscience)
FLIFont Library
FLIForeign Language Interface
FLIFirst Light Imager
FLIForward-Looking Information
FLIFriedrich Loeffler Institute (animal health; Germany)
FLIFrance Life Imaging (France)
FLIFrench Language Institute (France)
FLIForeign Language Institute
FLIFlexible Line Interpretation (graphics format on 8-bit computers)
FLIFluid Level Indicator (engines/transmissions)
FLIFluorescence Line Imager
FLIAtlantic Airways Faroe Islands (ICAO code)
FLIForce Level Information
FLIFatherhood Leadership Initiative (Conshohocken, PA)
FLIFuel Level Indicator
FLIFederation of Lasallian Institutions
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saline, mechanical perturbations of the spinal cord by intrathecal catheter or injection of normal saline into one hind paw were not able to nonspecifically evoke the expression of Fos-like immunoreactivity.
8-37] caused a moderate but significant bilateral increase of the Fos-like immunoreactivity in the lumbar spinal cord two hours after they were injected i.
Circadian modulation in photic induction of Fos-like immunoreactivity in the suprachiasmatic nucleus cells of diurnal chipmunk, Eutamias asiaticus.