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FOTF's use of dissociation helps maintain opposition to SSM by reimagining the marriage debate as a discussion of the value of marriage, rather than an effort to reinforce negative social attitudes toward gay people, the direct articulation of which may cause one to be labeled a bigot.
That is, FOTF dissociates same-sex marriage/real marriage quite differently than CWA or NOM.
FOTF helps readers conceptualize SSM opposition not as a negative issue (e.g.
The following building blocks for the FOTF have been therefore considered:
The structure of the complete model for the FOTF if assumed is as follows:
More specifically, the basic purposes and capabilities of the CRONE Toolbox, Ninteger Toolbox, FOTF Toolbox, and codes by Ivo Petras were briefly presented including the ways how to get the programs and source codes.
These historically and socially deceptive assertions from the website of "Focus on the Family" (FOTF)--a socially, politically, economically, and religiously conservative Right group--make heterosexual marriage seem invariably uncontroversial.
While it is an old case, no Canadian court has changed its definition of marriage--that being the union of one man and one woman--and several have upheld the definition (FOTF 110501).
In promoting an agenda similar to those of better known anti-gay groups, particularly FOTF, however, the question remains whether the members of the Defend Marriage Coalition are, in fact, aligning themselves politically and ideologically with causes they themselves never speak about in their anti-gay marriage outreach, such as end-time beliefs, patriarchal domination, and forced adherence to specific forms of rightwing Christianity.
Not only is homosexuality characterized in such literature (and, indeed, on Dobson's FOTF website) as a perversion involving the corruption and recruitment of children, but lesbian and gay same-sex marriage advocates are dismissed as insincere by people like Dobson.
In the alternative, there are a variety of internal and external options for DOD to institute JVAL without resorting to seismic revisions in extant laws, such as inter-Service memorandums of agreement, Joint Chiefs of Staff instructions, and Office of the Secretary of Defense policy directives to expand FotF. Reinterpreting Title 10 authorities could be another option.
For 2016 FotF initiatives, see Cheryl Pellerin, "Carter Unveils Next Wave of Force of the Future Initiatives," DOD News, June 9, 2016, available at < carter-unveils-next-wave-of-force-of-the-future-initiatives>.