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FOTIFiber Optic Transillumination
FOTIFlight of the Intruder (movie & game)
FOTIFat on the Outside Thin on the Inside
FOTIFlight Operations Training Inspector (aviation job; UK)
FOTIFriends of Tobi Island
FOTIFriends of the Institution (UK)
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The court found that Foti and Marshall controlled or participated in the scheme, knew they were deceiving consumers, and illegally took more than $18 million from them.
Speaking about Nielsen's recently introduced enhanced CBET, Foti says it's too early to tell if there's improvement or not.
LINGUAGLOSSA, Italy: When a would-be winegrower comes to Salvo Foti, Sicily's top wine consultant, for tips on starting a vineyard, he begins with a warning: To make good wine you have to be in it for the long haul.
They weren't meeting with a great deal of success, he surmised, so they reasoned they could do better with Foti and state courts.
In a scene reminiscent of a James Bond film, Foti claimed Chelsea sporting director Frank Arnesen and Carlo Jacomuzzi "used Roman Abramovich's helicopter to land in our training camp and plunder him.
This continuous arrangement gave insurers an unjust advantage over policyholders, which they took advantage of before, during, and after the greatest disaster this country has ever suffered, by reaping huge profits from the misfortunes of persons whom they pledged to protect from risk of loss," said Foti, in the complaint.
Foti accused Pou and the nurses of killing patients by overdosing them with a sedative-painkiller mix during the days after Hurricane Katrina, when Memorial Medical Center and other hospitals had no power and no way to evacuate.
Foti said: "The negotiations are going forward and there is a willingness for an agreement.
Relying on the findings in two other cases and Foti, the Belin court rejected the debt collector's argument and concluded that even messages left on answering machines that do not directly convey information about a debt are still communications under the FDCPA because they convey information about a debt indirectly, since the purpose of the message is to get the consumer to return the call to discuss the debt.
Reggina's president Lillo Foti said: "The team has accepted this challenge from the beginning of the season.
Foti suggested that there might be more victims to be identified.