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4KFour Kings (gaming)
4KCourt Attendance (police incident code; New Zealand)
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unaccountable, as beating a normal hand of four kings and an ace with
Daylight showed four queens and an ace; MacDonald four jacks and an ace; and Kearns four kings and a trey.
So Becky, who had arrived in the diligence from Florence, and was lodged at an inn in a very modest way, got a card for Prince Polonia's entertainment, and her maid dressed her with unusual care, and she went to this fine ball leaning on the arm of Major Loder, with whom she happened to be travelling at the time--(the same man who shot Prince Ravoli at Naples the next year, and was caned by Sir John Buckskin for carrying four kings in his hat besides those which he used in playing at ecarte )--and this pair went into the rooms together, and Becky saw a number of old faces which she remembered in happier days, when she was not innocent, but not found out.
To be less abstract - Let us suppose a game of draughts where the pieces are reduced to four kings, and where, of course, no oversight is to be expected.
But open the front door and you enter a staggering Aladdin's Cave of glittering memorabilia to boxing's Four Kings.
Newcastle's four Kings of the North games delivered nothing in the way of victories but plenty on the player development front as their young prospects were exposed to home-and-away fixtures against Leicester Tigers and Sale Sharks.
No more so than at the Four Kings pub, where Geordie boy Alastair Craib will be waiting to greet fans.
At the Four Kings casino, the lights go out and a motorcyclist crashes into the room and grabs more than a million dollars of chips and cash on his way through.
Some viewers may be wondering why it didn't happen sooner, as in the last century of the clan's reign, four kings were violently deposed and murdered by members of their own family.
Al-Gosaibi, who served as labor minister until his death, was known as both a technocrat who served four kings and an author of numerous novels and nonfiction works, in addition to his poetry.
An act or event out of the order of nature and unaccountable, as beating a normal hand of four kings and an ace with four aces and a king.