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FWMFour-Wave Mixing
FWMFirewall Manager
FWMFirewall Services Module
FWMFree Wheelchair Mission
FWMFabric Workshop and Museum (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
FWMFarm Waste Management (Ireland)
FWMFine With Me
FWMFast Web Media (UK)
FWMFilter Wheel Mechanism
FWMFachverband Werbung Und Marktkommunikation (Austrian Institute of the Advertising Industry, Vienna, Austria)
FWMFieldwork Manager (job; social work)
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Parametric amplifiers contain highly non-linear undoped silica fibres, with very small cores, in order to exploit four-wave mixing, a standard non-linearity in optical fibres that limits transmission capacity.
In this paper, we manage the investigation of self-stage nonlinear impact and four-wave mixing impact in the optical system.
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et al., "Thermal grating and broadband degenerate four-wave mixing spectroscopy of OH in high-pressure flames," Appl.
Hence, in this paper, with advantages of nonlinear optics effect of intensity modulator (IM) followed by phase modulator (PM) and FWM caused by two laser sources over 14 m of photonic crystal fiber cascaded four-wave mixing was achieved.
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In recent years, optical logic gates based on several different schemes, such as dual semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI) [4-9], semiconductor laser amplifier (SLA) loop mirror [10,11], ultrafast nonlinear interferometers [12,13], and four-wave mixing process in SOA [14], are demonstrated and reported.
(31,32) In the CARS process, a pump field ([[omega].sub.p]), a Stokes field ([[omega].sub.s]), and a probe field ([[omega].sub.p], typically the same as [[omega].sub.p]) interact with the samples through a four-wave mixing process.