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4PLFourth Party Logistics (similar to 3PL)
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"The fourth party logistics (4PL) [1] is Supply Chain Integrated Provider, which integrate and manage the different resources, abilities and technologies belonging to the company's complementary service provider, and provide the overall solution to the supply chain with the customers." [2].
BIL's subject matter experts have enabled itto achieve a reputation as an exceptionally unique Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) and Third Party Logistics (3PL) service provider.
has its interests in Consulting, Advisory, Strategic Planning, Task Automation, Freight, Fourth Party Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Cool Chain Management, Trading in Mineral, Ores, Perishables etc.
There is also a buzz around fourth party logistics or 4PL.
They are not organized into any topical sections, so perhaps just a few examples of specific papers will provide a sense of the proceedings' breadth and depth: authentication and access control in satellite networks, computing and modeling of urban railway traction transmission systems, a data transmission strategy of P2P live streaming media system, feature selection of face recognition based on improved chaos genetic algorithm, voice-based recognition system for non-semantics information by language and gender, usability evaluation of fourth party logistics platform, group key agreement scheme for mobile ad hoc networks based on threshold secret sharing, and influence of on-line brand experience on purchase intention.
Logistics covers a wide range of segments, across the four broad transportation categoriesroad, rail, air and waterand includes the entire spectrum of services ranging from asset heavy warehousing, container rake operating and trucking to the lighter models like IT based supply chain management and Fourth Party Logistics (4PL).
Customizing its services to support diverse industrial sectors, with a primary focus on the oil and gas sector, the company provides third and fourth party logistics solutions for the entire supply chain, ranging from consulting and design to management and execution.[c] 2008 Al Bawaba (www.albawaba.com)
Bahwan DHL Exel Supply Chain is capable of providing clients with both third and fourth party logistics solutions for the total supply chain, ranging from consulting and design to management and execution," added Spyropoulos.
Many industry observers believe there is growing interest in the 3PL user community in the possible use of a fourth party logistics (4PL) provider or a lead logistics provider (LLP) to manage multi-company relationships on their behalf.
It is targeted specifically at the B8 logistics and distribution sectors of industry, including property owners and occupiers' retailers and manufacturers' investors and developers, as well as third and fourth party logistics service providers.