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L4Level 4 (ISDN User Part)
L4Lumbar Spinal Nerve 4 (anatomy)
L4Fourth-Stage Larvae (parasitology)
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The larvae remain inside the fish body serving as the second intermediate host and the third stage larvae become encapsulated on the internal surface areas of the fish and develop into the infective fourth-stage larvae till eaten by predatory birds, the final hosts.
It was found that these larvae were fourth-stage larvae of Psychoda albipennis.
The tests are carried out in beakers with a capacity of 200 ml each containing 15 fourth-stage larvae of Cx.pipiens (L4) in 200 ml of spring water.
In vitro development of Ascaris suum from third- to fourth-stage larvae and detection of metabolic antigens in multi-well culture systems.
Dose confirmation of moxidectin 0.5% pour-on against adults and fourth-stage larvae of various Cooperia spp.
If a rat ingests any of these, the infective third-stage larvae penetrate the gut wall and are carried via the bloodstream to the brain where they moult to fourth-stage larvae, grow rapidly to about 1 mm, re-enter the bloodstream and are carried to their final site in the pulmonary arteries, where they feed on blood and mature to adulthood.