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FXHNDFox Hound (Metal Gear Solid gaming)
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The phrase which gives the course its name relates to the training of fox hounds.
Sir, - One of my main concerns if hunting is banned is what will happen to the thousands of fox hounds, most of which are at the peak of health and fitness, far more so than most pet dogs.
The base has been taken over by rebel Fox Hound terrorists who have captured a top- secret weapon and enough nuclear warheads to blow the earth to bits.
The estate covers one third of the mountain including the summit, plus a working hill farm, several houses and cottages, farm buildings, a camping site, fox hound kennels and an outdoor pursuit centre let to Herefordshire Council.
She enjoyed her work raising and breeding Fox Hounds with her husband Patrick.
Not many people know what it is, but basically there's no killing involved "These hunters use blood hounds, as opposed to fox hounds, and they are raised to track human scent instead of dead animals.
Your heartbreaking report on how the fox hounds are disposed of when they are no longer of use just proves what we all believe about the hunting set - they seem to enjoy killing.
The main ring programme included, for the first time, an air display from a high-performance stunt plane, show jumping, acrobatics on motorbikes from the Kangaroo Kid, parades, fancy dress and fox hounds.
He spends his free time mentoring young businessmen, visiting with his 10 grandchildren, playing with his fox hounds and sailing every chance he gets.
There's also the usual mix of horse jumping, displays of sheep racing, sheep shearing, ferret racing and a demonstration by Gelligaer Farmers Fox Hounds.
If you think fox hounds have a dog's life, you're barking up the wrong tree - they have all the canine comfort to make a hound happy, says the report accompanying this 1978 photo.