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FPXFlashPix (image format, file extension)
FPXFlash Pix
FPXFixed Programmable Port Extender
FPXFinancial Process Exchange (Malaysia)
FPXField-Programmable Port Extender
FPXFachvereinigung Polystyrol Extruderschaumstoff (German: Extruded Polystyrene Foam Association; Rossendorf, Germany)
FPXFront Panel Express
FPXFinancial Post Index
FPXFixed Price Exercise
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As part of the transaction, senior FPX management has reinvested their proceeds from the sale and retained a significant minority stake in the business.
The battalion and brigade conducted numerous fire planning exercises (FPXs).
ATHERE are dozens of formats for image files, and your digital camera saves in a format called FPX.
The added ability of the FPX to be dynamically reprogrammed over a network to look for new malicious patterns is appealing.
Image output formats include AWD, BMP, CLP, CUR, CUT, EPS, EXF, FPX, GIF, ICO, IFF, J2K, JBG, JPG, PCT, PCX, PDF, PNG, PSD, RAS, SCT, SGI, TGA, TIF, WMF, WPG, and XPM.
Cold feed pin barrel FPX rubber extruders are featured in a six-page, four-color, foldout brochure.
You can't even recognize that the search engine is from Inktomi, which has numerous options for text searching and nifty filters for types of files in general (i.e., audio, video, image) and for file format (i.e., jpg, gif, tif, fpx).Yahoo!
Design Essentials Business Image supports the following image formats: bitmaps (BMP extension), Windows Metafiles (WMF extension), Photo CD format (PCD extension), Open Page drawing (OPD extension), Tagged Image File format (TIF extension), FPX Image Format (FPX extension) and OLE objects.
Hopper, general manager of the non-profit agency FPX, which is trying to promote non-traditional exports, says the situation in Honduras is critical.
New Viper Fiber Placement System (FPS), previously designated FPX, is a seven-axis machine that reportedly can place fiber tows along paths not achievable by manual lay-up or automated tape-laying systems.
The awards for Best Customer Experience for JomPAY (Corporate), Best Customer Experience (DirectDebit) and Top FPX Acquirer (Bank) were further testimony to CIMB's significant contribution to the e-payment system value chain via products like BizChannel@CIMB and robust distribution of Financial Process Exchange (or FPX) solutions.