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FPZFakultet Prometnih Znanosti (Croatian: Faculty of Traffic Engineering)
FPZFriendly Photo Zone
FPZFracture Process Zone
FPZEffepizeta (Italian manufacturing company)
FPZFranklin Park Zoo (Boston, MA)
FPZFisheries Protection Zone (Norway)
FPZFlood Plain Zone
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Experimental and numerical investigations on fracture process zone of rock-concrete interface.
In reality, the stress-strain curve of graphite is slightly nonlinear and there is a Fracture Process Zone ahead of the crack tip which leads to inelastic behavior.
Softening continuum models with partial regularization represent the fracture process zone by means of the strain localization on a finite band.
and Nomura, N., Influence of Aggregate Size on Fracture Process Zone of Concrete Detected with Three Dimensional Acoustic Emission Technique, Cement and Concrete Research, 1991, 21, pp.
In the principle of the EWF concept, the specific EWF term corresponds to the surface-related fracture energy per unit area within the fracture process zone. Hence, the value of [w.sub.e,B] can be correlated to the fracture morphology of tested DENT specimens.
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Regarding the bending mode crack formation, AE energy analysis may not differentiate the stages of crack evolution and the influence of capsules in the crack plane and the fracture process zone of the surroundings.
Fracture in concrete is characterized by the existence of a nonlinear fracture process zone at the front of the real crack tip.
Crack Opening Displacement along the Fracture Process Zone. Since the cohesive stress distribution along the fracture process zone depends on the crack opening displacement and the specified softening law, it is important to know the value of crack opening displacement along the fracture line.
Furthermore, source location of the AE events via the use of more sensors can determine the actual expansion of the fracture process zone with increased fiber content.
According to this method fracture process zone consist of two regions; an inner region where the fracture process takes place and the outer region where the plastic deformation takes place.