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FNOFFractured Neck of Femur
FNOFFédération Nationale Opticiens de France (French: National Federation of France Opticians)
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Most of the orthopaedic surgeons fixing fractured neck of femur use three screws in apex proximal triangular configuration.
The paper was entitled: The effect of the lack of perioperative nutrition in fractured neck of femur patients.
This was balanced by an estimated reduction in cases of colorectal cancer and fractured neck of femur of 1 in 600 HRT users.
Hood G, Edbrooke DL, Gerrish SE Post-operative analgesia after triple nerve block for fractured neck of femur.
Morbidity and mortality for elderly patients with fractured neck of femur treated by hemiarthroplasty.
Hospital falls leading to a fractured neck of femur have been static in recent years despite increased admissions of the older people most at risk.
Pathologist Dr Campbell Ritchie said the cause of death was broncho-pneumonia as a result of a fractured neck of femur, with senile dementia as a contributory factor.
The Case Discussion in Chapter 13 and the references at its conclusion refer to total hip replacement and therefore a population of patients somewhat different from those with fractured neck of femur.
Nationally, fractured neck of femur (broken hip) appears in the top 10 primary diagnosis for hospital occupied bed days.
In the 12 months to March 31, 2015, there had been an eight per cent reduction of falls in hospitals resulting in a fractured neck of femur, compared with the baseline year of 2012.
The prevalence of carotid sinus syndrome in elderly patients with fractured neck of femur [Abstract].